A total immersion into the mystery of your marriage...

MELD Marriage Escape is an opportunity to escape the patterns of your life as they may be and pause long enough to notice the person you've committed your life to. It is a FUN, experiential, intimate, and powerful three days. You and your partner will have creative opportunities to look into the eyes of the other and see who is over there. It is an opportunity to know and be known; to love and be loved. The MELD Marriage Escape is for couples who think their marriages are GREAT and for couples who are wondering if their marriage is barely clinging to life. It is applicable for all married couples and inclusive of all age ranges and length of relationship!

MELD Marriage Escape is held over three days at a resort. The experience is designed with great intentionality. You will have set times to be in a training environment and creative times that you will design on your own with specific homework to do together during those times. The training sessions are comprised of group conversations facilitated by a certified Transformational Trainer or Coach, private conversations with your partner, and experiential exercises designed to reveal your heart for your partner and that which you don't know, that you don't know. The homework will sometimes be journaling or having a specific conversation with your partner and at other times the assignment might be to find a new way to have fun at the pool or playing a sport or other activity.

Part of what is unique about our transformational inquiry and the MELD Marriage Escape is that is it not a "fix your marriage", it is an invitation to write the story of what your marriage will be from now on.


Some of What you and your partner can expect from your participation in Meld:

Dynamic experiences that catalyze generous listening and clear communication
Discovery of unspoken conversations
Considering trust and practicing giving it
Creative conflict resolution
Revealing passion
Renewing intimacy as a way of relating to one another
Giving and receiving honest feedback
Exploring hurts
Practicing responsible accounting of actions
Investigating unforgivness and opportunities to forgive
Moving out of “stuck” and into an exciting future
Being present with grief
Strengthening your friendship with your partner
Discovering purpose together
Establishing new declarations and commitments

What Meld is:

Creating something NEW

Highly tuned listening and asking transformational questions

Fierce and possibly unspoken conversations


Being empowered to champion your partner and your marriage


Facilitated by highly trained and experienced Certified Relationship Coaches.

What Meld is not:


Personal growth / self help


Marriage counseling


The next Meld Marriage Escape:

Location: Palm Springs California

When: TBA



Why Meld?

MELD is not a "personal growth" retreat or a fix your self/spouse seminar. MELD is an experiential and transformational interaction. By transformation, we mean something NEW. Not more, better or different...new! MELD is an experience like no other! It holds the promise to completely transform the quality of your marriage and life! MELD has been developed by and is facilitated Brye & Salem McBee.  Learn more about them here.