an opportunity to build trust, practice communication, and discover new ways of RELATING...

MELD Couples Coaching is a six week coaching process that any couple can participate in and WILL produce monumental results in your relationship!  

MELD Couples Coaching is for couples who think their relationship is GREAT and for couples who are wondering if their relationship is barely clinging to life. It is applicable for all couples and inclusive of all ages, length of relationship, regardless of marital status, sexual identity, and religious, faith and/or world view belief systems.

Through a process of phone/internet based coaching sessions and weekly homework, you will have a fully customized experience that fits with your schedule. The experience is designed with great intentionality and has produced transformational results for hundreds of individuals and couples.

Some of What you and your partner can expect from Meld couples coaching:

Dynamic experiences that catalyze generous listening and clear communication
Discovery of unspoken conversations
Considering trust and practicing giving it
Creative conflict resolution
Revealing passion
Renewing intimacy as a way of relating to one another
Giving and receiving honest feedback
Exploring hurts
Practicing responsible accounting of actions
Investigating unforgivness and opportunities to forgive
Moving out of “stuck” and into an exciting future
Being present with reality
Strengthening your friendship with your partner
Discovering purpose together
Defining the relationship clearly

I’m totally turned off by counseling and being told I need to change and week after week of nothing getting better. This was not that. After the first week I could tell something was completely different about this and by the end of the six weeks we were in a totally different space with each other.
— J.R. - California

What Meld Couples Coaching is not:


Personal growth / self help


What Meld Couples Coaching is:

Creating new possibilities for relating

Fine tuned listening and questions by highly trained and experienced coaches

Exploring previously unspoken conversations

Results based

Why Meld?

For some MELD Couples Coaching is an opportunity to catalyze new life in a relationship that is already functioning well. For other's it is an opportunity to take an honest look at what is working and what is not working in the relationship and being championed by a coach into new ways of being and possibility. Many of our clients report that they have done therapy and counseling and not found the value that was created through our coaching process. We call our modality, Transformational Life Coaching. By transformation, we mean something NEW. Not more, better or! MELD Couples Coaching has been developed by and is facilitated Brye & Salem McBee. Married as teenagers; parents of three; Brye & Salem have over 20 years experience in both their own relationship and supporting others in their relationships. Learn more about them here.

The honest, rich and experienced coaches in Brye & Salem was key to this experience.
— P.L. - Hawai'i


MELD Couples Coaching is specifically designed for couples and is for all couples regardless of marital status, sexual identity, religion, faith and/or world view belief systems.

If you are interested in individual Transformational Life Coaching, we have a a package designed specifically for that. Click here to learn more.

The package is six weeks and consists of a weekly one hour phone/internet based coaching call, some individual homework and a deliberate weekly one-on-one conversation for the couple.

The financial cost of the entire MELD Couples Coaching package is only $996. That breaks down to two payments of $249 per person.

Life changing transformation for your relationship on YOUR schedule, from YOUR home or office, at a fraction of the cost of traditional relationship counseling. And it's guaranteed to produce value!  If both partners participate in and complete the six week process and both feel they did not receive value commensurate with their investment, the fee can be reimbursed.
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