ELEVATION is an extremely rare and unique three days of experiential learning. The participant and the subject of the learning is you!  A way to think of it is pausing life as you know it long enough to see what you are unable to see in the normal course of events; like when George Baily visits his life sans himself, or Marty comes back to 1985 and really gets the impact of his decisions, or Dr. Arroway falls through the machine and while she can’t explain what happened, the way she experiences life is forever transformed…you get the point? The is a how many graduates explain the ELEVATION Experience.

Is this for people who need to fix their lives?

No - ELEVATION is designed for individual whose lives are working. In fact, a core principal of our work is that you are the master at living your life. So much so that you have perfectly engineered your life to be the way it is today. If you say that you really want something about your life to be different, YOU already have the power and ability to create that change. ELEVATION is a laboratory of questions and resources that will support you in unlocking that potential!

Do I need to register so far in advance? Can I register at the door on the day of the event? Can I just wait until it’s closer to the date of the event?

Yes. No. And what are you waiting for?

ELEVATION has a very limited number of spaces and registration closes one week prior to the event or when it sells out. We are committed to maximizing your investment of money, time, energy, and other resources and therefore have created a process to participating that includes you being connected with a coach the day you sign up and this coach will make it their job to support you in creating maximum ROI with you. They will facilitate pre-event coaching with you so that from the first hour of ELEVATION to the last, you and your fellow participants are prepared to create maximum value for yourselves and each other!

Why is the cost so low? Things like this usually cost thousands of dollars, right?

While we have charged many times more for the same event, ELEVATIONATX is a new expression in a new neighborhood with a new community and we are willing to put our money on the line to have this be accessible to anyone who has the will to be there. We are also offering special rates for Fit and Fearless members as a way to sow into the F&F community and be a part of a closely knit group of people who get risky with each other for the sake of each other. While some people may think an event that costs a few hundred dollars won’t be worth their time, other’s find a few hundred dollars an unimaginable amount to come up at one time. We have never let money stop someone from participating in our work and have incredibly creative ways to make a way for anyone willing to participate fully, to do so.

Who does this?

ELEVATION Experience is an offering of The Kanalani Group; a non profit organization guided by Certified Transformationalists with 20+ years experience in Coaching and Training and a track record of results based life changing impact in the lives of thousands of individuals. You can learn more at kanalani.org

Is this for me?

We’ve noticed this work we do is like gravity…it applies to everyone and even if your not entirely sure how it works or if you believe in it, it still produces a life altering reality!

Our graduates include doctors, moms, executives, teachers, pastors, students, convicted felons, business owners, homeless teens, atheists, bartenders, politicians, hippies, songwriters, people who were in their final months of life even…It is a powerful opportunity not to be missed. Come to ELEVATION. Come to Life.

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(even before you sign up)

If you say you want to engage life in a new way and haven’t yet signed up for ELEVATION consider this: Whatever is holding you back from registering for ELEVATION is holding you back from other areas of greatness in your life! Are you waiting because of money? Well, where else in life is your story about money keeping you from participating the way you say you want? Is it that you are "too busy” or “don’t have the time”? What other parts of your life are paying the price of you being “too busy” and “not having the time”…is it your friends, your family, your health, your desire to be about something larger than yourself? The same things stopping you from ELEVATION are stopping you from other very important things in your life…it’s there if you’re willing to look. ELEVATION will give you the resources and space to blow the roof off those things that are stopping you from having the life you say you want!