kanalani offers highly impactful coaching packages for individuals, teens, adult, couples, business, and organizational teams.


MELD Couples Coaching is for couples who think their relationship is GREAT and for couples who are wondering if their relationship is barely clinging to life. It is applicable for all couples and inclusive of all ages, length of relationship, regardless of marital status, sexual identity, and religious, faith and/or world view belief systems. Click here for details...

Kumu Coaching is a powerful resource for individuals of any age or relational status. It is a six week transformational journey that will support you in galvanizing clarity about your life, vision, and purpose. If you are interested in individual coaching, please fill out the information below and a coach from our organization will contact you.

Business and Organizational Coaching. The culture of any organization defines and determines it's value, it's sustainability and it's impact in the world. We have workshops, trainings, and coaching available for all types of businesses, churches, and other organizations. For more information visit our site HospitalityCulture.com

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We are Brye and Salem McBee. We have been married to each other for over 22 years, longer than we've been apart.  We have three children; Elijah who has been denting the universe for 20 years, Faith who has been finding and causing beauty for 17 years and Justis who lived six extraordinary years in this life. While the term “happily married” may be a nice sentiment, we prefer to consider our marriage and the life it has caused, “abundant”.  That is; full...overflowing...and good to the last drop!  Our belief system can be summed up in one description; Love. That is to say we live our lives out of a commitment of loving God and loving others.  We are passionate about standing with people of ALL belief systems.  Our theology, cosmology, and integrity are not about convincing you to believe the way we do, it is about embracing the beauty and uniqueness of who you are and loving you in a way that causes the most life!  We have both been raised in the pedagogy of Transformation and train and coach from that method of inquiry.

Having over 20 years experience in transformational training and coaching, we are licensed and ordained Christian Ministers and hold certifications as Executive Trainers and Transformational Coaches.  We are certified in Practical Chaplaincy, Crisis Intervention, and grief support. We have extensive training and experience in supporting people in crisis, transition, relationships and the fullness of life.  We are spiritually accountable to Pastor Laude Warren Hays of Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Service in Sonoma County and Pastor JR Young of Santa Rosa Christian Church.

In addition to coaching, we are passionate about food! We love growing it, cooking it, eating it and talking about it. We have decades of experience in the food & beverage and hospitality industry and find that for us, food has a place near the very center of life.